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FNSSS00008 - Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set (Tax Documentation)

Course Overview

Nationally Recognised Training Acro Business College
Australian Qualifications Framework Acro Business College
Course Title

Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set (Tax Documentation)

VET National Code


Total Duration

8 weeks



Mode of Delivery

Online/distance, consisting of structured learning content, self-study, research and both unsupervised and supervised assessments

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About This Course

FNSSS00008 - Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set(Tax Documentation)

This course is designed to train and assess individuals who wish to receive, or whose employer wishes them to receive, formal AQF certification documentation in recognition of their skills and knowledge in tax law. This Skill Set from the FNS Financial Services Training Package, together with the appropriate assessment methods as set by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB), meets the requirements for a course in Australian taxation law that is approved by the TPB. The units of competency cover preparing tax documentation for individuals and preparing and administering tax documentation for legal entities.

Anyone seeking registration should check with the TPB for details of current registration requirements, including those relating to experience and, fitness and propriety. Prior to enrolment, the RTO will assess the needs and pre-existing skills of each prospective student to determine the suitability of the course and its outcomes.

The course is designed to suit the preference of the learner. Learning and assessment resources are made available online through the RTO's learning management system, with supplementary resources and links to relevant legislation and regulatory regimes. However, these can also be made available in hard copy format and distributed upon student request.

Important - Pre-Enrolment Information:

Prior to enrolment, it must be established that students have access to a computer, printer, internet, email software and Word or similar program in order to undertake training in this course.

Course Duration

This course is structured to be undertaken over an eight (8) week period, with 25 contract hours per week. Students are free to extend this timeframe in order to better align with their personal and professional commitment, in consultation with the RTO. Regardless of the length of time over which a student may elect to complete the course requirements, the total volume of learning (amount of training and time dedicated to assessment) is 200 hours.

Fast Course Guide

National Code: FNSSS00008

Nationally Recognised: Yes (Click Here)

Delivery mode:

Online/distance, consisting of structured learning content, self-study, research and both unsupervised and supervised assessments


A variety of assessment methods form part of this course including written assignments, presentations, portfolio of work, role plays and projects.

Awarded by:

Acro Training Group Pty Ltd t/a Acro Business College

RTO ID: 45598

Packaging Rules:

Total number of units of competency = 2

FNSACC512 Prepare tax documentation for individuals

FNSACC601 Prepare and administer tax documentation for legal entities

The successful achievement of this qualification requires you to complete all Units of Competency provided in the Course Format above as per (FNSSS00008)

Course Units

Brief Description of Assessment Components


♦ Assessment Task 1 - Written questions (independently supervised)

Demonstrate understanding of the knowledge required of this unit.

♦ Assessment Task 2 - Case studies (independently supervised)

Complete a review of simulated scenarios and complete the tasks given.

♦ Assessment Task 3 - Prepare an individual tax return

Meet with a client, in the role of a professional Accountant, and prepare an individual tax return.


♦ Assessment Task 1 - Written questions (independently supervised)

Demonstrate understanding of the knowledge required of this unit.

♦ Assessment Task 2 - Tax requirements project (50% of tasks independently supervised)

Identify and research taxation requirements for a client and prepare tax documentation

♦ Assessment Task 3 - Case studies

Calculate taxable income and tax payable for two legal entities

Assessment Methods

Written assessments, projects/case studies and reports, numerical calculations, practical demonstration.

Competency is assessed after the scheduled training and pre-assessment preparation has been completed.

Assessment Conditions

For the purposes of this course and to meet TPB accreditation requirements, Assessment Task 1 from both FNSACC512 and FNSACC601, Assessment Task 2 from FNSACC512 and 50% of tasks from Assessment Task 2 from FNSACC601 must be supervised by an independent person of sufficient responsibility.

As per the training package, the identification of the unit FNSACC502 Prepare tax documentation for individuals as a prerequisite “does not require that it be certificated prior to this unit. This unit and its prerequisite may be delivered and assessed together.”

Prior to any supervision occurring, the student must submit a completed Supervisor Nomination Form to the RTO indicating the supervisor's information, contact details, and the elected date of assessment. Once this has been received, the RTO will make contact with the supervisor to confirm their availability, credentials and independence from the student.

Where a student is unable to source their own independent supervisor, the RTO can supply a list of suitably qualified independent supervisors.

Assessment tasks requiring independent supervision will not be deemed satisfactory by the assessor until the supervisor submits a Supervisor Declaration Form confirming that appropriate oversight was in place during the assessment task.

Entry Requirements

Must be proficient in English and demonstrate sufficient numeracy and literacy skills (equivalent to ACSF exit level 3).

Additional Requirements

Where the registration with the TPB is sought, assessment must reflect the conditions described by the regulator which stipulate that a significant amount (at least 40%) must be completed under some form of independent supervision).


There are no pre-requisites for this qualification.

For more information, please visit:

FNSSS00008 - Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set (Tax Documentation)

Licensing/Regulatory Information

This Skill Set is designed to meet the education eligibility requirements for registration as a tax agent with the TPB. Refer to the TPB website for details

Qualification Issued

Completing all the units of competency within this qualification will lead to the issuance of a Tax Law for Tax Agents Skill Set (Tax Documentation) (FNSSS00008) Statement of Attainment including a transcript of all completed units. Students who successfully complete individual units of competency, but not the whole qualification, will be eligible to receive a Statement of Attainment detailing the completed units.

Acro Business College does not guarantee that:

♦ completion of an Acro Business College qualification will lead to an employment outcome; or

♦ a learner will successfully complete a training product on its scope of registration; or

♦ a training product can be completed in a manner which does not meet the requirements of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

Pathways Information

The units of competency in this Skill Set provide credit towards:

♦ FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting

♦ FNS60217 Advanced Diploma of Accounting

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